Becoming an Appointed Representative

Join us at Two Financial Services and you become an Appointed Representative under our approved status as Network Principal. This means Two Financial Services assumes ultimate regulatory responsibility for your business. Becoming an Appointed Representative (AR) is an option that you have if you wish to offer regulated advice in the United Kingdom. As an Appointed Representative you need not obtain direct authorisation from the FCA which can be a lengthy and resource laden process, but can offer exactly the same levels of advice as a directly authorised firm.

Benefits of becoming an Appointed Representative

As Two Financial Services have already obtained Principal status from the FCA, joining us as an Appointed Representative means you can draw down on our wealth of industry experience and sytems and controls, our support team will assist you in ensuring every part of your business is efficient and compliant, we help train and monitor your staff to ensure they are offering the highest standards of advice and take a caring and considerate approach to dealing with consumers.

Being an Appointed Representative ensures you will have help and guidance available to you at every turn allowing you to concentrate on making your business a success.

Further Help

In the first instance, if you have a question or need further information about our network, get in touch with us at Two Financial Services. Or, contact the FCA Customer Contact Centre.

Tel: 01392 911254* principals/apply or alternatively sending by post to:

10 Orchard Court, Heron Road, Exeter, EX2 7LL.