FCA Regulated

FCA regulation is possibly the biggest change this industry has had to adapt to and one that we as a network have embraced wholeheartedly, we firmly believe that the FCA’s protocols of having the customer at the centre of the business and applying Treating Customers Fairly Principles at every stage of the client journey is essential.

By choosing to become an Appointed Representative of Two Financial Services Limited you are agreeing to embrace these standards and are looking to have longevity and a professional outlook towards Debt Advice and Credit Brokering.

We believe it is essential for anyone looking to assist people with their best debt exit strategy to have the appropriate regulation and competency to do so it is therefore in our opinion a necessity to have FCA authorisations to do so.

Our responsibility is to ensure that due diligence has been conducted to prove you are both fit and capable to offer advice in this industry, we conduct a full and thorough vetting process and ensure all training and competency requirements are fulfilled before signing you off as a competent advisor and submitting your firm to the FCA for approval, once approved we will monitor and assist in ensuring high standards are maintained as your company hopefully succeeds and goes from strength to strength in our network.

As a network member you have exactly the same permissive authority as ourselves in regards to Debt Management, Debt Counselling and Credit Brokerage which can be found here…